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Gambling Prediction with Astrology, Astronomy, Geography

By Ion "Newtron" Saliu, Founder of Mathematical Prediction

Read a true story about gambling prediction with astrology, astronomy, geography in Atlantic City.

The newsgroups are the proving grounds in my writing and developing theories and systems. One particular group, rec.gambling.lottery(R.G.L.), played the most important role. That's where I started my Internet-writing campaign.

You know you do special things (positive actions) when you trigger intensely adverse reaction in persons with similar pursuits and interests. I named such animosity-driven persons googoos. Read:

One R.G.L. googoo has had unusual interests and pursuits. I gave him the one-word-unique (royalty) name of Karaklonchah. He called himself Paracelsus. He considers himself an astrologist (or astrologer?) He claims he was trained in pharmaceutics and statistics. No wonder some prescription drugs make people feel like wondering in outer space!

Probably Karaklonchah felt the effect of the recent astronomical phenomenon known as the Super Moon (May 5, 2012). KaraklonchahParacelsus had started a thread in rec.gambling.lottery related to astrology and lottery prediction.

I remembered also Sir Isaac Newton's involvement with astrology during the Bubonic Plague. I know Sir Isaac Newton is Karaklonchah's idol. Newton became a mystic (astrologist and alchemist) during that dark period in history. Isaac Newton “calculated”, based on astrology and Bible, that the world would end in the year of grace 2060. I asked what Karaklonchah's take was. When would the world end based on his readings and charts of stars and asteroids? Would the asteroids between Jupiter and Mars go out of whack and collide with Mars and Terra? In what year of grace would that happen?

I want to share here an experience I had with astrology. It happened in the 1990s, in Atlantic City, US of A. I was heading for a casino. An astrologer (or astrologist?) grabbed me. I didn't oppose much resistance. I entered her shop of astrology and Tarot reading.

Her name was Staryvoya (no doubt, a carefully chosen royalty or one-word unique name). Staryvoya started off reminding me of “that great mind, Newton, who was also an astrologist”. Then, she lectured me as seriously as if in a class of astronomy and geography! She was cultured alright!

Staryvoya had discovered that each human has a specific pattern when looking up to the sky. The pattern is formed in early childhood and remains with the individual for the rest of his/her life. The eyes point precisely to the position of the sun at exactly noon-time, on June 30. No matter where the individual moves around the world, he/she will look up to the sky exactly to the same astronomical point created in childhood. A marriage made in heaven between astronomy and geography!

Staryvoya wanted to prove that she could figure out the place of birth (geography) based on an individual's staring at the sky (astronomy). She had a few printed charts in her hand. I looked up to the sky (through the ceiling, though). She told me immediately: “You're NOT born in Atlantic City!”
“Very precisely so,” I was compelled to admit. And I added: “I bet all the money in the casinos that YOU were NOT born in Atlantic City, either!”
Staryvoya commented: “I know, we in India have a well-defined English accent … but it isn't too bad, is it?”

I entered the closest casino feeling strangely more confident than ever. I found an empty chair at a blackjack table. The other players and the dealers were looking up (like to the sky) from time to time. I deduced with highly random precision that no player was born in Atlantic City. No BJ dealer was born in Atlantic City, either. Thus, nobody had the home field advantage. I felt more confident as the game was played on a neutral field.

The dealers were from India, Far East, Middle East, Mexico… but none born in AC, New Jersey. They had specific patterns when looking up. Even looking up to what they call in casinos the eye-in-the-sky. The casino dealers (pit bosses as well) even panicked, because I won more often than not after looking at the dealers when they were looking up to the “eye in the sky”. As if I were able to see what cards were coming up…

When I am in public places and see people looking upwards, I know for sure that they do not pray. And I know that they come from all over the place… perhaps from Atlantic City as well.

Staryvoya is a highly unique name. I'm sure we'll see soon plenty of nicknames Staryvoya all over the Internet. I wish a filly will be named Staryvoya and run in the Triple Crown horse races. If not, hopefully a Triple Crown colt will be named Staryvoy

Isaac Newton himself was also an astrologer, astrologist, alchemist.

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