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Bingo — Strategy, Systems, Software?

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Bingo Mathematics

The 75 bingo numbers are arranged by the 5 positions, in groups of 15 numbers each.


Not that I am a church goer; once I was, but I will never be again. I only attended one Bingo game in my life. It was a German traditional celebration named something for the beer, or bier... Oktoberfest or something like that… It was a Catholic church in the great state of churchgoers named Pennsylvania.
I was asked by my fellow participants: “Hey, you are a computer guy! Any tips on how to win Bingo?”
“NOT!” I indicated by waving my index finger. “There is no choice for the player in this game, piously axiomatic ones!”

Game organizers might allow you to choose from the cards sometimes, but you can never print your own numbers on any bingo cards.

I wrote some years ago about generating lotto numbers from positional ranges. It happened to be about the 5-number lotto game. I also wrote specialized software as most newsgroup participants didn't believe such a lotto program was even possible (i.e. to generate lotto combinations accurately). The program was named Ranges5 and presented on this page (along with using Excel spreadsheets in lottery):

Ranges5 attracted attention immediately; also, I was asked questions about applying my lotto software to Bingo. I stressed I had no interest in the game since the player didn't have much liberty to play the game.

And now this thread about Bingo (although the original poster was very much interested in advertising for his website). One person also registered to download my software specifically for applications to Bingo! Again, my 5-number lotto software can't be applied properly to Bingo because you can't choose your own numbers!

So, I just modified the good old Ranges5 and named it Bingo75. I added one tiny text file with 5 lines with ranges as in Bingo USA:

01 15
16 30
31 45
46 60
61 75

The program generates 5-number combinations strictly by positional ranges:

  9  30  34  51  69 
 14  16  45  51  62 
 11  24  36  49  69 
  4  19  45  50  71 
 15  30  43  50  72 

This “Bingo software” can be used like any of my lottery programs, including the 5-number lotto module in MDIEditor And Lotto WE. Creating data files is the real problem!

One can collect results from all the Bingo games he/she ever attended. Special attention is required. Only the winning combinations should be recorded, exactly 5 numbers per line — and respecting the positional ranges. That is, numbers from the same position (B, I, N, G, O) must not appear on the same line! That should be what we call now the real data file.

The simulated file (e.g. SIM-B75) can be easily created by the Random functions of Bingo75.

You can eliminate thousands and hundreds of thousands of past combinations. We've seen in these forums that so many hundreds of thousands of past lotto combinations do not repeat. Lotto 6/49 has cases when even millions of past combinations do not repeat (see the Del_6 filter in the W reports). Don't you worry what the kokostirks will moutfoam at you… yea know, that the past lotto combinations will repeat again, and again, and forever! How many lives do them zombies believe they will live?!

Even if you don't have many real Bingo results, you can still take advantage of the simulated “drawings” you can generate in the Randomized functions. You know for a fact that many thousands of past results will NOT repeat in your lifetime. Well, then, why should you play them? It is a real diminution of the odds (mathematically correctly, it is an increase in the degree of certainty DC).

Practically, you will generate random combinations from the Bingo75 text file (with the correct ranges). Then you will Purge the output file in other lottery programs, especially Bright5 and MDIEditor And Lotto WE. The main difficulty is to find places where they allow you to choose the Bingo cards. Look for cards that look like your printout, with the combinations generated and purged in my lotto-5 software. If they ban such choice, a little prayer might help, especially if Bingo is played during Beerfest:

“Maker-breaker, you got power –
You turn the seeds into flour;
You can offer so much dough
Though my answer won't be no!”

The download links — free to download, free to run for the length of life granted by Mnezau:

Unfortunately, the Bingo player has no control over her numbers. The players buy Bingo tickets — I think it is on a first come, first served basis. No choice is possible, because the tickets are already printed.

If the players were allowed to come in with their Bingo tickets, printed or filled out at home and then recorded in a Bingo machine run by the Church, then Bingo could be played like the lottery. Of course, software is needed for that; it would be like lottery software, with filters (restrictions) and databases. The players would need record the results of all Bingo drawings, separately Church by Church, or Fire Hall by Fire Hall.

Only God can apply a winning strategy to Bingo!

Randominus vobiscum!

The only Bingo software of its kind, although lottery-like strategy, systems are not possible.

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