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Fundamental Formula of Gambling FFG Pirated on eBay

Mostly by Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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Thank you very much, indeed, axiomatic colleague of mine!

Your action is what honest humans should always do. I don't ask people to do a service to me. I also want to stress that if people choose to remain silent, silence would NOT be interpreted as “being against me”. I only say that honesty requires real action sometimes.

I can't really see what the eBay pick-3 lottery system looks like. Apparently, the seller edited the listing. You speak like a person with hands-on experience. You might have paid for the system because the description on eBay was deceptive. There are other bastards who do the same thing. They take my free theories and make a few changes, then the bastards sell them packaged as “systems”. Some might get away with such crimes, at least for a while. I hit them when I can, how I can. The law also deals them severe blows at times.

Thank you for reporting to eBay management. I wonder if you posted a feedback. Let other buyers or potential buyers know the truth. Unfortunately, I can't post a feedback because I didn't buy the system. And I can't file a complaint with eBay because the item description doesn't show an act of piracy against my software or systems.

I believe that honesty always pays dividends for everybody, except for the evildoers.

Ion Saliu


I thought it out legally. You do not commit an illegal act by sending me a pirated work. You determined to the best of your knowledge that the item you paid for represents an act of piracy. It is the seller of a pirated material who committed an illegality. I also take responsibility by asking you to send me a material that pirated my work. Thank you in advance. My email: ionsaliu_99 @

Meanwhile, I just brought to the attention of eBay the item in discussion:

Item number: 220046434710 
Listed in category: Everything Else – Weird Stuff – Slightly Unusual 

Thank you so much.

Ion Saliu The Real Fundamental Formula of Gambling.


I received the eBook you emailed to me. Thank you very much, indeed.

The ebook by Eric Petty of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania represents a two-prong crime:

  • Plagiarism
  • Piracy.

  • The introduction to “his system” is a word-by-word presentation stolen from this Web page of mine:
  • The lottery system itself pirated my strategies presented on my webpage:

    Since I and Eric Petty live in the same state, I will also file a complaint with Pennsylvania Attorney General. Damages are also at stake.

    I and many others know also of one execrable scammer known as Steve Player. He is even more predatory. I heard of hundreds of US dollars for one of his systems that simply takes advantage of my pick-3 software Power3. The program generates pick-3 straight combinations for all possible cases of high/low and odd/even. Yet, the unsuspecting lottery player pays hundreds of dollars for piracy! Not to mention that my freeware does the job a whole lot better, by offering the streaks or skips for various high/low and odd/even situations (screen 7).

    I would like to express my gratitude for your act of honor. Please allow me some time needed for some assembling of software. I am kind of caught in a web of urgent matters that I must solve quickly.

    Ion Saliu

    • "I'm very glad to help you out, I'd like to know how this all goes down. Please keep me posted. – rosan9"


    One of the first actions I was advised is you file a complaint against the scammer. You have a right to a refund — the mildest of the actions. Everybody who bought the eBay item also has a right to a refund. The worst part for the “seller” is the criminal side of his act: Deceptive business, plus piracy.

    The eBay seller known as acspgh (Eric Petty) sent me this aggressive message:

    • "No, I haven't these are false accusations. You have never bought my guide. You how would you even know what my guide says?"

    The criminals always defend themselves very aggressively. You did the right thing by sending me the “guide”. It is stolen property. In fact, the law requires a buyer to immediately report cases of stolen property or other forms of illegal acts. The law accepts common sense in determining the legal status of merchandise, or property, or an act.

    The “original” thing in the “guide”: Eric Petty changed Fundamental Formula to Fundamental Theory!

    There are several other cases that I (and others) believe pirate my theory and software. One such seller resembles Eric Petty's ad a lot. He lists his deception several times on eBay…

    • 100% GUARANTEE! Win Or Your MONEY BACK! Look FEEDACK!
    • Item number: 300047101053

      Note to eBay staff. I am the copyright holder of this item.

      Remember when winning the lottery required luck?


      Well... they are over for YOU

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      eBay just wants to delete a listing, after I sign a notice of claimed infringement. It's like a slap on the wrist. What does a criminal risk? Deletion of a listing. Most likely, the listing will come back under a different name!

      Ion Saliu,
      Crime-Stopper At-Large


      I just received a denial of claim by PAYPAL stating that no fraud occurred.

      I'm kind of confused by this. If the definition of fraud is a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain, clearly Eric Petty is a fraudulent seller. Where's the question? He didn't own the copyright to the material he presented as his own creation and you did.

      So as a seller, if I don't mention the original author in my ad, I can sell his copyrighted material and they won't find me fraudulent?

      I wondered how thorough an investigation can be made without having all the details.

      Anyway, I replied to them, but since the case is closed, I don't expect to get an answer.

      He's a very dishonest kid.

      It's a sad world we live in these days when this is what we have to look forward as representative of the next generation.

      I'm guessing that eBay will find that no fraud is committed as well.

      Did you contact the PA Attorney General? rosan9"


      I filed a written complaint with eBay. They have a legal document regarding copyright infringement and piracy. It is valid only when signed.

      The law enforcement always tries to avoid cases that are not considered 'big time' (e.g. murder or physical robbery). They always ask you to try first to solve the issue with the other parties involved. It depends on the action of eBay, although they won't do not better than deleting the item. I have to wait, for now...

      Companies like eBay or PayPal do their best not to get involved. They have that disclaimer that they are unable to verify every item. They want the buyer and the seller to solve the issues between themselves. But how? By fire? The companies just want customers! EBay wants as many sellers as it can get, plus as many buyers as it can get. It's good business. I don't think they care much about legality. Not even big companies have been successful in eradicating piracy or plagiarism at eBay. Most members of eBay have complaints about a lot of issues over there. I was surprised to read so much negativity on the eBay forums.

      I learned lately that SkipSystem became a favorite piracy source. They can counterfeit at least 7 systems without visible copyright infringement. Just say: “Count how many draws a lotto number missed. The number of missed drawings is called a gap. Do just two or three gaps for every lottery number. Play the numbers that show that and that in the gaps…” Of course, they charge for “their systems”!

      That guy, Eric Petty, seems also a daredevil. He guarantees winning, else he will pay $100 to the customer! He is nuts! The way he presents his pick lottery system is very evasive. He has no clue how many combinations are needed and how many consecutive drawings the system can miss!

      This sucker is a small-timer, however. He doesn't charge a big price… just $10. How about those big-time scammers who charge blood for their roulette systems? $5000? Even $10000? Even $40000? They must be also suicidal psychopaths. I know, they go to extreme lengths to cover their tracks: Real names and addresses. I still believe it's a miracle they are still alive! I suspect they are casino guys. That's why they are so daredevilish...

      I've received threats even though I don't charge anything for something that works thousands of times better than anything else. Yeah, I sold at some point in time. The maximum was $100 for the Super Roulette Strategy. And I know of serious winners who applied the strategy. Actually, the Super Roulette Strategy is the reason why more and more casinos have imposed a ban on writing down the roulette spins in anything that resembles a notebook. In many cases, no writing is permitted inside the casino — period. And also the reason I am banned from casino gambling. But it's not over yet!

      Ion Saliu

        "I thought you might like to know that they've taken away his registered status.

        That doesn't mean he won't surface again under an assumed alias.

        Sometimes even big companies do the right thing… with persistent prodding! Roy a.k.a. rosan9"


      Indeed, they took action against a pirate. I also knew it because I received an angry phone call in the aftermath!

      I know, there are people who believe I am crazy when I kick major butt, such as in cases of plagiarism. They can't place themselves in my shoes. What do they lose? Nothing! “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose” (from a Bob Dylan's song).

      No, I will never sit with my arms folded when a bunch of bastards rob me; or when a bunch of bastards attack me with the intent to silence me. I know, they love to spread this kind of news: “Ion Saliu is crazy! He doesn't sit with his arms folded! He responds to the bastards by knocking them out!”

      I do not ask other people to fight for me. I am grateful to them, however. What I say is a reference to decency. If someone tells me that something belongs to them when I know that it belongs to someone else — I can't take it! I am insulted. It's an insult to my intellect. I tell to the bastard: “You think I am stupid? You think everybody is stupid? That thing you claim to be yours belongs to someone else. Somebody else created it and you stole it!”

      I know, I know that truth also. If you tell the truth, there might be adverse consequences. Personally, I don't care of the consequences. The truth is always above anybody and anything.

      Finally, I thank you Roy for helping me in something outrageous against me. There are about 100 things on eBay that pirate my simple lottery systems presented on and . There are also cases of pirating my Super Roulette Strategy. I don't let them pirates get away with crime. I hit them so hard that I don't care how some call me!

      I created my web page on eBay (ME). I warn other buyers on potential piracy and scams on eBay regarding lottery and gambling systems.

      Best of luck, to you all, axiomatic colleagues of mine!

      Ion Saliu

      Fundamental Formula of Gambling is an historic discovery in gambling mathematics, lottery science.

      A seller on eBay decided it was easy money to pirate my gambling theory, lottery systems.

      Run legitimate gambling software to create lottery systems based on skips.

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