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New Casino Game by Ion Saliu: Parpaluck Blackjack

The New Blackjack Game Is Available by Licensing only from Its Copyright Owner, Ion Saliu

In Parpaluck Blackjack only 2 cards are dealt and BJ natural pays half the bet to Player.

New casino blackjack games started with new blackjack odds software.

0. Special Software Leads to New Blackjack Games
I. Parpaluck Blackjack #1: BJ Natural Pays Half-Bet (1 to 2)
Parpaluck Blackjack #2: Simultaneous BJ Naturals Lose Players Bet Times 1 to 5
III. Parpaluck Blackjack Mutual Advantages for Player and Casino
IV. Blackjack: Software, Content, Resources, Systems, Basic Strategy, Card Counting

Ion Saliu created another original casino game for mini baccarat, also with special software.

0. Special Software Leads to New Blackjack Games

Axiomatic one, a few years back I proposed a new casino game: Super Baccarat. I tried to personalize the game, inspired also by John Scarne, the noted author of gambling books:

Truth is, mini-baccarat is an unnecessarily complicated, cold, largely unpopular casino game. On the other hand, blackjack is the most popular game in casinos around the world. It is also touted as a game “very favorable to the player”. I have a serious issue with that assessment: It is false. The casinos know it, gambling “authorities” know it — yet they all keep making a false statement regarding the true odds and house edge at blackjack.

In the year of grace 2009, I succeeded in writing software to generate accurately mathematically all blackjack hands based on the most common Dealer's rule: Hit all 16, stand on all 17. Being able to see all possible hands, it was much more mathematically accurate to count all bust hands for Dealer. Therefore, the most accurate mathematical method to calculate the bust odds was possible for the first time. That is very important because the probability of simultaneous busts for Dealer and Player is what creates the house advantage (HA) in blackjack. Please read the details and see the new software:

My blackjack software was virulently attacked by the casino establishment, including gambling authors and vendors of betting systems such as card counting. “The figures calculated by Ion Saliu's BJ software are totally wrong,” they screamed. “Blackjack is a game of very, very low percentage disadvantage for the Player. BJ is sometimes favorable to the players,” they falsely proclaim, while mouth-foaming. Boy, do they hate me, or what?!

Even apparently nice and honest gambling writers like Frank Scoblete say so. In his stylish book “Best Blackjack”, Frank Scoblete (a.k.a. Scobe, Scitser, or his dark side Asslan) says that the house advantage (HA-HA) in blackjack is as low as 0.17%! Forget about it, Frankie! The casino reality of blackjack is much more pessimistic, Scitser. Just about every player loses big in short amounts of playing time. The blackjack table is a real wallet-killer nowadays — say nothing of the online casinos (real monsters!)

In the year of grace 2014 I had the inspiration to write blackjack software that generates only the first two cards. I made the software freeware to prove the validity of my programming method. It is obvious to any honest software user and blackjack player that my program does generate all blackjack hands 100% accurately. The total accuracy of other BJ parameters is also obvious (stiff hands, stand, double downs, BJ naturals). Please read more details and download also the free software. Don't mention it, axiomatic one!

I emphasized the BJ Natural percentages as the figures become the foundation of two new blackjack games. As you can see, the difference between the 1-deck (1D) and 8-deck (8D) cases is negligible: 4.83 – 4.75 = 0.08%. The new BJ systems will have indubitable odds and, therefore, house advantage (HA) percentages. No more disputing or arguing. “Alea iacta est!” Everything will be as clear as rolling two dice — we will know exactly all possibilities beyond reasonable doubt.

In Parpaluck Blackjack #1, the player places only one bet and wins half with a BJ natural.

1. Parpaluck Blackjack #1: BJ Natural Pays Half-Bet (1 to 2)

  • The game starts as normally, with players placing their bets.
  • Your favorite dealer deals the cards as usually: One card face-up to each player, starting at her left (first base) and ending with the Dealer; also a face-up card. Then, the Dealer ends the round by dealing the second card in the same manner; all cards are face-up, including Dealer's hand.
  • The highest hand (i.e. the sum of the two cards) wins upfront.
  • The ties or pushes mean no decision — Player may withdraw his bet, and place a different bet anew, or the same amount.

    The odds for a natural 21 vary with the number of players at the blackjack table. I demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt in this eBook: Probability, Odds for Blackjack or Natural 21.

    The natural 21 odds decrease slightly with an increase in the number of players at the same blackjack table. The more players at the table, the better the conditions for the players. It definitely is a reversal of fortunes from the traditional blackjack game. Right now, the more players at the table, the higher the advantage for the casino. There is no doubt that the odds for a dealer bust decrease significantly with an increase in the number of players. Still wonder why? Because the dealer always plays last. It ain't an advantage, Thomas Unbeliever — it is a huge advantage for the casino!

    In Parpaluck Blackjack #2, the player places up to five bets for simultaneous BJ natural.

    2. Parpaluck Blackjack #2: Simultaneous BJ Naturals Lose Players Bet Times 1 to 5

  • Even if the calculations might seem more complicated, the house advantage (HA) still becomes crystal clear and indisputable.

    The new Parpaluck Blackjack casino games are advantageous to both gamblers and casinos.

    3. Parpaluck Blackjack Mutual Advantages for Player and Casino

    This is a purely equitable game, as far as the winning hands are concerned. It is a virtual coin toss — albeit a coin with a wider edge! We know precisely the percentage of pushes or ties: 7.1%. There is no arguing there! Nor is there debating regarding the percentage of simultaneous BJ naturals. This table is illustrative for 2 decks:
     Total PUSHES:                    1018066 = 7.10%
     Total BJ PUSHES:                 32640 = 0.23%
     TOTAL ELEMENTS:                  14340690

    TOTAL ELEMENTS here represent total combinations of 2-card hands for Dealer AND 2-card hands for Player.

    There are real advantages to the new Parpaluck Blackjack games, both to the Player and to the Casinos.

    You found here the Best Blackjack Player At-Large, Parpaluck or Krokodilo = big time gambler.

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    Free blackjack software generates 2-card hands to show accurate programming algorithms for BJ odds.

    Download your blackjack software to calculate odds, probabilities and generate 2-card hands.

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    In one version of Parpaluck Blackjack, simultaneous BJ natural loses Player's bet times 4.