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Orlando, Florida 2016: The Worst Mass-Murder Event in American History

By Ion Saliu,
Argumentative Antiterrorist At-Large

The Orlando tragedy was committed by an American-born Muslim with parents from Afghanistan.

Published in June 2016.

Orlando, Florida, Mass Shootings, June 12, 2016 — 50 dead (including the killer), 53 people injured. At the time, it was the worst mass-murder act in American history; as always unfortunately, the worst is yet to come.

The Principal Culprits of Mass-Murder-USA:
1) Automatic Rifle in Civilian Hands, the Illegitimate Child of the Second Amendment;
2) Bullying.

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I look at the most horrendous and most publicized acts of mass murder in the United States. Their frequency made a BBC reporter to conclude the coverage of the 2015 San Bernardino mass shooting as: “It is just another day in the United States of America”.

It is not that the Americans are BAD humans because of their bloody-tumultuous history. The Australians had a similar history, with a similarly large territory inhabited by underdeveloped cultures. When things went way out of hand, the Australians imposed stricter gun-control laws. Now, considering pound for pound (population-wise), the firearm-death rate in Australia is 200+ times lower than in the United States.

In fact, the mass-shooting incidents would be on an equal footing in all countries with gun laws as in the United States. And thus the adagio should be: “It is the availability of high-powered weapons in civilians' hands that commit horrible acts!” Yet, the NRA addicts shout: “It is the humans, not the weapons that commit horrendous crimes!”

1) The extremely-convenient availability of military-type automatic rifles to the civilians is one of the prevalent factors in the high rate of mass-murder incidents in the United States. Even kids can easily turn into mass-murderers if their parents own high-powered military rifles. It happened at Columbine High School in 1999, and Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

The extreme gun-rights advocates, backed the financially-powerful National Rifle Association (NRA), always invoke the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. A U.S. citizens, under the provisions of the Second Amendment, has the right to own any weapons they want. Included in that category are military-type assault rifles. Ironically, the AR-15's creator, Eugene Stoner, didn't intend it for civilians. In fact, the inventor didn't even own an AR-15, although he was an avid hunter!

The AR-15 inventor's family did not want to talk publicly about their father and grandfather. Understandably, they have been worried of negative reaction from the angry segment of the population. On May 15, 2016, Eugene Stoner's family members "spoke exclusively to MSNBC by phone and email, commenting for the first time on their family's uneasy legacy. They requested individual anonymity in order to speak freely about such a sensitive topic."

2) Equally impactful is a strong, intense phenomenon of BULLYING. Honestly put it, the White Americans are mostly guilty of it (I am White, although an immigrant). I would make the adagio “White and Christian Americans”. They bully badly, never considering the consequences — including consequences very damaging to themselves.

The aforementioned Columbine tragedy was the result of bullying. The victims, however, were White American kids from middle-class White American families. Still, it was an act triggered by bullying. There have been other similar tragedies in middle-class White USA — it's a long list.

But look at the worst two cases of mass-murder USA: Virginia Tech University 2007 and Orlando 2016. Add to it the San Bernardino 2015. They had BULLYING as the boiling catalyst.

All the mass-murderers above were well-educated and clearly secular persons (except for the San Bernardino killer-wife, who was a religious wreck). Their acts had nothing to do with religion — or ideology, for that matter. They simply got mad because of what they perceived as BULLYING. They felt themselves VICTIMS OF BULLYING.

I certainly know a thing or two about bullying. I did experience acts of bullying at work — and I wrote about some of them on my website. I'll say what I experienced was mild by comparison. Also, I responded quite early in the case histories. First, I filed complaints with the human resources of the respective companies. At the least, I informed the human resources.

Also importantly, I let the bullies know clearly that I would respond in-like — and then some. There was a guy who would burst chewing gum bubbles close to my ears because he knew that bothered me. That bullying act disturbs and disgusts every sane person! Since the company couldn't tame the bully, I started to snap my hands close to his ears. That was the cure!

Another guy jumped in my path on our way out from work. He wanted to hit me and the act would appear accidental. He was one of the workmates who hated me for no reason. I followed his vehicle very closely on his way home. Next day, the human resources asked us to sign affidavits that we do not carry firearms at work or in vehicles parked on company's property. My vehicle was clean, of course.

I'm saying, the vast majority of deadly situations can be averted simply by responding early in the game. Complain to the company. Send copies of the complaints to law enforcement. Keep records of all incidents and complaints.

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people should do that. I am not aware of any large-scale mass-murder incident involving LGBTs. But it ain't rocket science to “predict” that such tragedies will take place any time in the U.S. of A. The availability of deadly weaponry is an equal opportunity provider.

Speaking of BBC — the Brits are avid bettors. They even bet on American politics (e.g. Who's going to win the U.S. Presidential race?) It won't surprise me to see British betting on mass-murder events in the United States (e.g. mass-murder act with 10-20 deaths within one month's time, odds 10 to 1).

Law enforcement, FBI especially, should pay very special attention to complaints of bullying. There are probably very many such incidents all over USA. But if FBI would put face-to-face the bullies and the bully-victims, that would clear up the air. It would be like a warning in sporting events. “There is something wrong here, and there will be consequences. This nation is governed by laws, not by bullies or vigilantes.”

I know firsthand and from discussions or Internet reading that a majority of American companies have bullies. Some of them are ferociously violent and scare the bejesus out of the fine ladies running human resources departments. Companies are scared of taking any measures against their bullies. Management teams are afraid of deadly retaliation from bullies.

Amendments to laws should be enacted to allow FBI to place participants in bullying incidents on a 'prohibited from buying firearms' list. The bullies and bullying-victims alike. The bans should have sunsets. Forget about the NRA. They can't outlast the Mighty Uncle Sam. KKK or Mafia died — for all intents and purposes.

Things can get much worse if a guy like bankrupting expert Donald Trump becomes President of the United States of America. He already antagonized badly — I mean badly — two demographic groups: Hispanics (Latinos, Mexicans especially) and Muslims. Those two groups would fall under extreme stress. Bullying by White Christian Anglo Americans would reach unbearable levels in many places. The incidence of mass-murder acts perpetrated by the two demographic groups would increase by an order of magnitude.

The sales of automatic rifles grew fantastically in the wake of the Orlando mass murder. The same thing happened after the San Bernardino terrorist act — in fact, it happens after every mass-shooting event. It is not speculation — every demographic group in the United States armed themselves more heavily than ever. What gun control??? There are millions of assault-rifles in good ole American hands... chances are the ARs will spread around the “New World Order Empire”. Stay tuned: Your television station will always advertise free for the NRA...

United States Congress is adamantly opposed to stricter gun control laws because of NRA juggernaut.

“A good man is an axiomatic man; an axiomatic man is a happy man. Be axiomatic!” – Ion Saliu –

The odds are very good that acts like Orlando mass murder will repeat frequently in USA.

Many acts of mass shootings and murders take place in America, more than one a week since 2013.

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