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Ron Paul Ought to Be Investigated by the SEC and FBI for False Statements Leading to the Stock Market Crash of August 2015

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Axiomaticism, Founder of Randomness Philosophy

Ron Paul's doomsday prophecies crashed stock markets aiming at financial gains buying cheap stocks.

On Friday, August 21, 2015, the Dow Jones Industrials lost over 500 points, following another big-loss of over 300 points. On Monday, August 24, 2015, Dow Jones lost over 300 points in the first hour of trading! It was off more than 1000 points at one time!

Krookoos in influential positions mouthfoam doomsday again! It is their GAMBLERS' way to filthier riches. They shout crashes of tragic proportions of the financial markets. It happened on a huge scale as recently as 2008 —the so-called “greatest depression since the Great Depression of 1929”.

Guess what happened after the crash of 2008? The filthy rich got a whole lot filthy-richer! They bought VERY CHEAPLY the entire stock market and made HUGE PROFITS beginning 2013 especially. The market went higher and higher and the filthy rich made so much money that them monies couldn't be deposited and vault-stored!

Problem for them krookoos has been this: TOO MANY little guys also made good money. That always means that the little guys do have some control over the financial markets. Furthermore, that means the KROOKOOS cannot gamble with the markets as easily as they would want — the little guys act as obstacles.


Even more disturbingly from my viewpoint is the undeniable fact that the stock market's krookoos have applied very consistently the famed FUNDAMENTAL FORMULA OF GAMBLING (FFG):

Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG): Theory of Probability, Mathematics, Degree of Certainty.

Sarcastic but keen Facebook 'friends' noticed the seesaw of the financial markets especially in the year of grace 2014. Huge drops of the stocks in 1-3 days were followed by huge upswings of 1-3 days. That was the typical “work” of FFG. The degree of certainty is 90% that a trend will swing after 3 consecutive like-moves. Krookoos who afforded billions of dollars made huge profits by buying low stocks that dropped 3 consecutive days; then, the stocks were sold after recording 3 consecutive days of growth. And so on, and so forth… for those with GIGANTIC bankrolls.

But if many “players” do the same thing, the “strategy” is less and less effective. So, if you can afford the bankroll, you will TWIST-HAND the game… and the gamers. You make highly publicized “predictions” that the stock market will go as low as 5000 points (the case of Dow Industrials, the benchmark of the world's finances). The “news” discourages a large number of stock traders from the “planetary casino” — all of the runners being “little guys”, including retirement hopefuls…

This is NOT a sane market “correction” — August 21, 2015. Indeed, me thinks the Wall Street figures went too high too rapidly (the Dow hovering the 19,000 mark). There were also days with drops of around 1% 2-3 days in a row. Processes like those are NOT “natural” — they represent daredevil GAMBLING. The stock exchanges must have the legal instrument to STOP “gambling trading”. Human lives are at stake, regardless if Madoffs are jailed or not…

The government of the United States is the only one in a position to control the stock gamblers and thusly keep the financial markets SANE. It was demonstrated in the years of grace 2008 and 2009 during the government buyout. Guess who complained about “communist government” intervention? You guessed it right: It was the KROOKOOS of the stock markets!

One person who has had a bad influence in all this insane doomsday prophecy-fulfilment is Ron Paul. He is an ex-Congressman of the United States and a former Presidential candidate. The Internet was flooded with advertisements screaming his doomsday warnings. Furthermore, Ron Paul also advertised his dire warnings on television. He claimed the warning was for the good of the Americans. Really? All that expense for the good of others? How Jesus-like, ain't it? Just one TV commercial would wipe out Ron Paul's nice income as a retired U.S. Congressman! It stunk to me!

I followed the link to the website listed in Ron Paul's advertisements. He was talking with a financial pundit representing an investment firm. Aha! The entire action was planned, but the truth is hidden from the viewers. The reason of the “debate” is to trigger fear in investors and kick their tail ends out of the stock market. Let the stock markets drop drastically low. I heard of figures of the Dow Jones hitting the 5000-point mark (it was over 17,000 before Thursday, August 20, 2015). I don't think the false prophets led by Ron Paul expected that fantastic drop of the Dow Jones. Me thinks they had a realistic expectation of the Dow Jones index drop to 10,000 points. And then — you guess what?! Ron Paul and his financial prophets would buy a gigantic amount of cheap stocks and possibly make hundreds of billions of dollars in a couple of years!

Me thinks this kind of doomsday financial prophecies fall in the same criminal category as insider trading. In the Ron Paul case, they profit from a name well recognized and respected in politics. What a guy in Ron Paul's position says publicly weighs heavily in influencing people. No wonder the current failure of the U.S. stock markets followed very soon after Ron Paul's TV commercial in prime time or important sporting events.

I strongly believe that Ron Paul and his associates ought to be investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). They conspired to spread knowingly false information in order to manipulate the stock market in their favor. It is NOT freedom of speech insofar as to make public statements with the indubitable knowledge that such statements spread false information.

This act is not in the same category as Chairman Alan Greenspan's famous statement “irrational exuberance”.

Alan Greenspan was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (Fed, the U.S. central bank) in the 1990s. Greenspan made a comment during a televised speech that remains memorable to this day:

“Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and the rate of inflation in the past. But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade?” ("The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society", December 5, 1996.)

The Tokyo market was open during Greenspan's speech and immediately moved down sharply after this comment, closing off 3%. Markets around the world followed suit. The stock markets in the U.S. took a severe hit in 2000, when the famous “bubble burst”.

Alan Greenspan's statement, however, was based on solid economic data. Alan Greenspan pointed out an unhealthy discrepancy between earnings and the price of a stock. Alan Greenspan's statement did influence the stock markets negatively, but he did not make the statement to misguide or profit personally.

There are also religious prophecies of the “end of the world”. Should such prophets be also liable legally? Possibly on an individual by individual case. It should not be a criminal matter of the government to deal with. I remember in 2011 a California preacher made a loud prophecy that the world would end on May 21. It is the day observed by Christians and dedicated to the Roman Emperor Constantine and his mother Helen. It was Constantine who used the power of the Emperor to make Christianity what it is today.

The California “prophet” was wrong, of course. He hid in shame and fear after May 21 passed. The doomsday preacher made many people, including rich ones, to liquidate their bank accounts, sell their homes, and give the proceeds to the poor. Yes, religion is founded on a high degree of insanity, no doubt about it. However, the law would not be applicable to the California “prophet”. He exercised his freedom of speech. He did not ask for money from the gullible. Those who took his prophecy seriously were insanely stupid — as simply as that!

It is against the law in my book, however, to make knowingly false statements as a credible politician with the purpose to profit financially.

Update, August 25, 2015

The stock markets started the day with an intense recovery. The Dow Jones soared more than 300 points in the first 4 hours of trading. I don't claim I had an “influence”. There are many people, in my estimation, which “smelled” the Ron Paul “conspiracy”. The timing was really telling. His TV advertisement, the one that I remember seeing, happened during the last round of the PGA championship. Just about all investors, especially the big-timers, are avid golf lovers (I ain't in either category). A few days thereafter, the U.S. stock markets collapsed!

Coincidence, innocence, guilt? One little crook in Australia sent thousands of emails spreading false information about a stock with a “great future”. The little guy was not in an official position and he didn't force anybody to follow his “financial advice”. Yet, the gullible, especially in the United States, took the little crook's emails seriously. They bought the stock in big numbers and the price of the stock soared to dizzying heights. The crook, Steven Hourmouzis, sold his shares as soon as he could for a hefty profit. Had he had a “bankroll” in the millions, he would have made billions. Of course, the “dream” didn't last long — crook Steven Hourmouzis was arrested and put in jail…

Criminal Inclinations, Including Financial Markets.

“A good man is an axiomatic man; an axiomatic man is a happy man. Be axiomatic!” – Ion Saliu.

This is not a conspiracy theory regarding the manipulation of the stock markets.

False information in stock trading leads to huge financial gains for a few players.

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Big losses in stocks lead to tragic situations for many honest people.