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Even State Lotteries Intimidating Gambling Developers?!

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Lottery Mathematics, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Read an article about intimidation by harassment of lottery software, systems developers.

There are creatures who love to hate me intensely. They apply their hatred via attacks (in private and also public places) — or via harassment. There is a man who has harassed me for many years now. He bought my lottery software (beginning 1990s) only to harass me!

Most probable cause of such incidents is intimidation; the final goal is to make me give up my endeavors and fold up shoppe. You will see relevant links at the end of this article. The most likely candidates fall into two categories:

I learned that the casinos would always have a strong reaction against my mathematical theories and gambling systems. I was shocked, however, when I first experienced a threat from a casino chairman in 2000! An individual in such a high position registered in my forum and threatened all readers inclined to use my gambling systems in the casinos!

The chairman of the MGM Casino was also in conspiracy with a “representative” of the second category. It was a notorious “gambling author” — in truth a highly paid casino employee who had the mission of creating and distributing “gambling systems” (to make sure the gamblers will always LOSE!) The gambling author was in his 50s — but he pretended he was “19 years old”; the casino chairman immediately wanted me to fall in a legal quagmire for the reason of condoning “underage gambling”!

Of course, the tactics of the two casino officials failed miserably. They were shocked by my fierce response. (I even cursed them like a trooper! Some might have thought I would break-in the casino and mow them bosses down!) Not only have I continued my endeavors at an even more successful pace — the casino executives, actually, endorsed my theories and systems! Of course, their goal was not the endorsement of my ideas and works… au contraire! Unfortunately, the actions of the casino officials also opened the door for large-scale piracy of my gambling theories and systems. If the casinos attacked the system developer, his systems must be good… to sell!

I've had a lot more attackers in the field of lottery software and systems. If you believe the crazy Dracgoogla, a search on the lottery software terms yields a few million results! Of course, that amount of results only marks the misery of Google search after the 2012 Penguin update. In any event, there is a huge interest in lottery software systems. There is also crass piracy of my systems, even my software.

I have known with the highest degree of certainty that over 90% of the hundreds of attackers have been competitors in the lottery field. They're still trying, although it's been crystal clear that I don't quit for as long as I live. (Yeah, very few even tried that “physical” innuendo… my assassination!)

Meanwhile, I had never thought the state lotteries would try to intimidate me (or any other developer of lottery software, systems). The governments are accountable to higher standards. I could not believe that government employees would behave like casino employees. The casinos are private entities. Private entities are more easily inclined to bend laws, such as intimidating or threatening other entities.

To my dismay, I have experienced recently a situation that would indicate that state lotteries might get involved in intimidation by harassment. This notorious individual, Shelton (sometimes Sheldon) West of Ohio, even entered this very forum spewing venom at me! I deleted his posts. I do keep my forums very, very clean… insanity has NO chance here! Some of you might remember him. This Shelton West posted also on my old message board, the site.

He would buy my software — immediately thereafter, he would start his attacks. He always finds fiery problems with my lottery software. Sometimes he asks for refunds, other times he is intent on not giving up my software. This Sheldon West repeat-buys my software in order to have a reason for harassing me (such as complaining at PayPal). I banned him several times, by name and by IP addresses. He still finds ways to get through and thusly attempting to make my life miserable!

I thought for many years that the Shelton guy from Ohio was himself a developer of lottery software and/or lottery systems. That Sheldon/Shelton/Sheldian West sounded like a person with good knowledge of the lottery topics. I thought first he was one of the very active members in rec.gambling.lottery (RGL) newsgroup, named Scott Ruby (a.k.a. Skitser). Another hard-to-forget specimen! Scott Ruby still has articles on the Internet (especially at Kotkoduck's website, the founder of RGL). Skitser is also mentioned in my forums here (a thread about lotto decades).

In 1998, Skitser offered the strangest “piece of advice” I've ever received! He “advised” me very seriously, as he was angry! Scott Ruby actually asked me in strong terms to rewrite my lottery software. I should have written software that gives users nice buttons and graphics — not lottery programs that actually work! Skitser insisted in newsgroups and emails too. The more strongly I fought his “advice”, the angrier he got. I silenced Skitser as I have silenced other loud bullboochahs or skumbullows. My response applies the behavioral method conceived by Terentius: Suit your manner to the man. Scott Ruby “Skitser” appears no longer in the virtual world…

So, Sheldon/Shelton/Sheldian West, a developer of lottery software and/or lottery systems himself, right? Yet, I had never known of a developer of lottery software and/or lottery systems named Sheldon/Shelton/Sheldian West or Scott Ruby/Skitser! Only after this latest act of attack/harassment a few days ago, I did some search on him. Not to mention that soon after the latest harassment, I received also an invitation to join LinkedIn and Shelton West! Huh?!

Apparently, the aforementioned guy is an employee of the Ohio State Government!!!

“Shelton West — EXTERNAL AUDITOR at STATE OF OHIO, Columbus, Ohio Area”

Sheldian B West
Sheldon West
B West sheldian
B West Shelton”

I'm still having a hard time believing that state governments allow such practices by their employees. On the other hand, Shelton West acting just as an individual raises serious concerns regarding his mental (in)stability. He has done it for too many years — he can't control himself! Or — is Sheldon West on a “mission” (a paid one)?! The latest “Sheldian act” comes in less than two years after the preceding. He did it a lot more frequently in the past — I remember his spewing venom 2-3 times a week in the late 1990's and early 2000's. It's impossible to forget such a specimen!

Shelton, Sheldon, Sheldian!

Why wouldn't they love yours truly?!

Ion Saliu has been the target of attacks, hostile actions by casinos, gambling, lottery authors.

Casinos, even lottery commissions react negatively to Ion Saliu's theories, systems, software.

Why would even state lottery commissions be adverse to Ion Saliu, his theories, systems, software?

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