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Steve Player's Piracy of Lottery WONDER GRID

Mostly by Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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Lottery player asks questions about wonder grid for pick 3 digit lotteries.

I. Questions on Pick 3 Wonder Grid Lottery Strategy
II. Answer from Ion Saliu, Creator of Lottery Wonder Grid
III. Criminally-Incorrigible Steve Player, Lottery System Scammer, Pirate

Steve Player' a notorious scammer of lottery systems, also pirates Ion Saliu's lottery strategies.

I. Questions on Pick 3 Wonder Grid Lottery Strategy

II. Answer from Ion Saliu, the True Creator of Lottery Wonder Grid


Thanks for your input, axiomatic colleague of mine. You are on the correct path regarding two of the three fundamental parameters of the wonder grid:

1) parpaluck – for how many past draws to calculate the top pairings;
2) pivot draw – at what point in the past drawings file to generate the pairings.

There is a 3rd parameter: potrocel or the cycle of fruition. That is, for how many drawings to play the same set of top pairs.

It's OK to keep all your winnings to yourself. I was aiming at big time jackpot winners. But there are some legal sensitivities there. I hope to compensate some of my expenses and especially my time by my new adventure in offering advertising at my website.

When I saw the title of your post I thought you were the person who emailed me a few days ago. The person referred to alleged plagiarism by Steve Player of my lottery wonder grid.

"I am in possession of a Steve Player system for pick 3 that is called "Pick-3 Winsheets" he uses a ton of mumbo jumbo to get around copyright infringement. After you weigh through all the bull it is nothing but a Saliu Wonder Grid. Too bad he is able to get away with that stuff. If you would like to have it I will send it to you."

View screen shot of the wonder grid for pick-3 with winning records.

Apparently, you are not the same sender I am referring to.

Best of luck to everybody, except for the likes of Steve (NOT)Player!

III. The Criminally Incorrigible Steve Player, Lottery System Scammer, Pirate

The cheated-by-Steve-plyer person sent me this follow-up:

"I am a slow reader, so it took me ten minutes…to realize that [Steve Player's “system”] was not even a good copy of Wonder Grids. He covers it up with a pile of bull to hide the plagiarism. I feel like an idiot falling for this stunt ($79.95)."

Steve Pliers “Pick-3 Winsheets” is not even a lottery system. It is a very laborious pencil-and-paper tracking of pick-3 pairings. Count the pick-3 pairs manually and writte them down in rows and columns!

That feature is a simple report in my free software Util-332, option Satistics (Frequency). The program does first the frequency reporting for individual digits, then for pairs, then for boxes (3 digit combinations).

The big difference is in price, of course! Util-332 costs pennies, compared to US$79.95 in Pliers' rip-off! Not to mention that Util-332 does a hundred times more tasks than that…

The fundamental differences: Util-332 is much, much faster, it is less laborious and it is 100% precise. The paper-and-pencil maddening chore is highly error-prone. My lottery software also offers a pairing parameter the Steve Not-Player can't even comprehend: Skip median. Steve Player dangerously advises his customers to play a “hot” pick-3 pair, totally ignoring the median skip!

Another thing stolen from the wonder-grid concept: Add every pick-3 digit to a “hot” pair. The wonder grid is far more effective than that, for it is more solidly founded on mathematics. To make it even worse, Pliers' advises his victimized customers to play only boxes! For starters, playing boxed pick-3 adds an extra 2% to the house edge. But the worst is in the profit. You can read at SALIU.COM that I simply ignore the boxed hits of the wonder grid. The real profit comes in straight hits.

This Steve Player is incorrigible! I wrote about his rip-offs a few years back. Start your reading here:

Why don't people google first? But, then, how can some people be so incredibly credulous? Why don't they demand more concrete facts about a system, before buying? I have read some web pages that offer lottery or gambling systems for sale. How can an individual, with just an average intellect, fall in such stinky swamps? On the other hand, Google, with its crazy updates, push my great Web pages down, while lifting to the top of search results a lot of GARBAGE in lottery systems, software, strategies! C'est la vie!

By the way –
The integrated lottery software package PICK 332 offers a multitude of combination generating functions. You can use Power332 with the favorites/exclusions: from 1 of 5 to 3 of 5.

If you want one pick-3 pair to appear in every pick 3 set, use option Favorites, then 2 of 5, then type the 1st digit of the pair, then the 2nd digit in the pair 4 times. You can do the opposite with exclusions (e.g. exclude one pick-3 pair from every lottery combination to play).

The favorites / exclusions functions work far better with horse racing. I do something like: one of the top-5 favorite horses in every trifecta, but never three of them together (the payout is miserable!) I want also at least one of the five longest shots in the trifectas…

The integrated lottery software package PICK 332 was greatly upgraded and renamed Bright3. The Util-332 is still included in the package, but it was greatly superseded by the Super Utilities (on the main menu, out of 4 full-loaded menus).

There are now 7 Bright3 software suites — for pick-3, pick-4 digit lotteries, 5-number lotto, lotto 6, horse racing, roulette, sports betting.

You think you saved lots of money by using my low-priced software and free systems. But why commit the sin of utilizing your savings in buying expensive garbage?!

Ion Saliu

Run the best 3-digit lotto software named Bright pick-3 programs.

You found here the Best Lottery Player, the legitimate creator of wonder-grid lottery strategy.

Run legitimate lottery software to create lotto systems based on pairs, not Steve Player piracy.

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