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Terrorism or Mass Murder?

By Ion Saliu,
Argumentative Antiterrorist At-Large

The horrendous act was committed by two Muslims, husband and wife - terrorism or mass murder?

Published on November 3, 2015.

San Bernardino, CA, Mass Shootings, December 2, 2015 — Terrorism or Mass Murder? The same difference: Death of innocent people.

There is a difference only when it comes to the punishment of the perpetrators. Law enforcement and judicial systems punish more harshly the perpetrators of “traditional” terrorist acts. There should NOT be any difference in treatment, in my opinion. The perpetrators of ALL acts of mass murder (domestic terrorism, traditional terrorism, mass murder committed by a lone wolf or two) should be sentenced to death and executed by firing squad (possibly with the with assault rifles used by the murderers).

Regardless of 1) or 2), America records a lot of DEATH every year. The number of gunshot deaths “dropped” to 30,000+ in recent years — they used to be 50,000+ and 100,000+ wounded. The military-style-weaponry advocates will always point out that about the same number of Americans die in traffic accidents each year. Driving, however, is malum necessarium — a necessary evil.

Of course, in the best-case scenario the murderers are killed on the spot. It is the fundamental rule in cases of cop killing. The criminals who kill cops are shot and killed as soon as they are in shooting range.

The San Bernardino tragedy resulted in the killing of the perpetrators. Their heavily armed vehicle was surrounded by police. A shootout ensued and the Jihadi murderers were shot and killed by police. Good grievance!

The President, The Dalai Obama, speaking from the Oval Office on the San Bernardino mass murder:

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I do NOT believe change is possible as far as new gun control legislation is concerned. In fact, one day after the San Bernardino massacre, The United States Congress defeated a bill intent to strengthen background-checking in firearm purchases. The most curious thing is that persons who are banned from flying to The United States of America are NOT banned from buying weapons in America! There has never been a shred of a doubt that the NRA is far stronger than all airliners combined, plus automobile makers.

America's predominant rationale is similar to Churchill's during the bombardment of London in World War II by the Nazis. The half-American Prime Minister Churchill's rationale became famous: “London can take it!” Most Americans rationalize the same way regarding firearm deaths: “America can take it!”

Would there be a tipping point in dramatic changes in the gun control laws of the U.S. of A.? Me thinks of WWII again, if the same amount of death is recorded. USA lost around 100,000 Americans a year during WWII. People pay a lot more attention to landmark numbers, such as 100,000 or 500,000 (half a million).

I say now that the aforementioned tipping point would be 100,000 deaths and 500,000 wounded Americans per year — as a result of FIRE ARMS. “Good news” is, I don't think such horrible figures will be reached any time soon. The current numbers are horrible alright…

Even at the rate of 100,000 firearm-related deaths per year, the NRA would argue, mathematically, that it would take at least 3000 years to eliminate the entire population of the United States. But, hey, USA might not be around in 3000 years for different reasons. After all, the Roman Empire barely lasted 1000 years. Egypt might have lasted 2000 or 3000 years, but in separate incarnations. I think only China has been around for 5000 years — although under foreign occupation many times.

And thusly I sez: “Keep shooting, America! You got a ways to go, dfear. You still lead the pack by a wide margin, though — it would take 0ne million years to eliminate the population of Australia entirely...”

Contemporary American politicians who are against stricter gun-control laws “think” prayers are the only response to the type of San Bernardino events. Prayers can only be "heard" by the Institutionalized Cosmic Hallucinations (i.e. gods, goddesses, saints, devils...) — but it is all inconsequential BS for them cuckoos on mental crutches...

President Obama is skeptical about significant changes in gun control laws of USA.

"A good man is an axiomatic man; an axiomatic man is a happy man. Be axiomatic!" – Ion Saliu –

America can take it, regarding firearms death, similar to London can take it, as per Churchill.

Many acts of mass shootings and murders take place in America, more than one a week since 2013.

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Traditional terrorism is vastly committed by Islamic extremists, especially Muslim versus Muslim.