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Casino War Strategy and Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG)

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Go to war against the casino dealer, player – you win!

Casino War or Casino Wars is a very easy and simple casino game — possibly the easiest to play. At first sight, it looks like a perfect coin toss, an ideally idyllic 50-50 game. But there are the tie situations.

We calculate the odds of a tie through the Birthday Paradox. We run my probability and combinatorial software — BirthdayParadox or Collisions — for 13 elements, 2 at a time (the 52-card deck has 13 elements, from 2 to Ace).

At first analysis, I thought it was a really bad game. The tie probability is 7.7%, very much like the push in blackjack. The same is true about some BJ games that offer the pair bet. The casino should pay something like 13 to 1 — or at least 12 to 1. They pay far less than that. On the other hand, a push in blackjack means nobody loses; the player gets his/her money back.

This Casino War game, however, gives the player a slight overall advantage — if the player “always goes to war” (or “never surrenders”).

I have been asked many times if my notorious gambling strategies can be applied to Casino Wars. Namely, can strategies or systems be derived from the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). You bet!

In fact, FFG is the best instrument to use for Casino War. A strategy for p = 1/2 can be applied as in my Super Roulette Strategy. Keep track of the W and L streaks as for red/black, high/low (at roulette), Player/Banker (at baccarat). I believe blackjack is worse than the two aforementioned casino games and FFG should be applied less aggressively in blackjack.

Since casinos are largely hostile to gamblers keeping records on paper (they all curse me now because of that!) the best tactic out there is to apply my Blackjack Mental System. I present it in great detail on this webpage of mine:

I devised the blackjack mental gambling system to play also at baccarat, craps, casinos wars.

This casino war is so easy, it appears a mindless game.

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